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Mickey Bernard
Mickey Bernard - President, Illinois Sales Associate
About Mickey

Mickey Bernard is the President and Owner of Hydro-Kinetics Corp. Mickey has been in the water and wastewater business for 28 years. He began his professional career after obtaining his Master’s Degree and join Woodward Clyde Consultants in Kansas City. After several years at Woodward Clyde he realized he was not cut out to do consulting. He was hired by a large Rep firm in Oklahoma as the office’s lead project manager for water and wastewater projects. As his experience grew he transitioned from Project Management to sales. In 1997 he formed Hydro-Kinetics which presently represents a complete line of water and wastewater equipment manufacturers.

Mickey is an active member of both Water Environment Federation and American Water Works Association. His most recent position was as the Missouri Chair for the American Water Works Association.

Mickey specializes in working with both engineers and end users helping to develop unique and quality solutions for Water and Wastewater systems throughout Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.

Mickey is married to his wife Carrie, and they have three children. In his spare time Mickey enjoys fishing, camping, and backpacking.

Contact Mickey
Office Phone: (314) 647-6104

Office Fax: (314) 645-1861
Cell Phone: (314) 308-7760

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